From direct experiences and observations  Genevieve Leavold  creates abstracted landscapes and portraits of form and colour. Themes central to her work include, the nature of time, memory and transformation; exploring the eternal and ephemeral.  These include evocations of inner city decay where nature may only be seen as it asserts a foothold by growing over run-down buildings.

With influences ranging from Eastern Philosophies to the poetry and illustrations of Dr Zeuss, there is an air of playful curiosity in her exuberant paintings and subtle drawings.

”  I have always been curious about how we form our sense of identity.  When I make images I am seeking to understand what it is to be human without the identity of my birth. I instinctively feel that there is more to us as creatures than the projected personalities we adopt.  So I seek the shared characteristics of Human.. and have started with our relationship to nature…”

Drawing - Graphite on paper Shantih by Genevieve Leavold
Shanti (Triptych Graphite on paper)

You can find Genevieve Leavold’s work on RiseArt.com and SaatchiArt.com

 She has exhibited extensively throughout the UK and has work in private collections in the UK, US and Europe.